Project Management and Site Services - Through its partners, New Harmony also provides project management and site services that bring together world-class team of experts that install and erect sugar technology equipment ranging from single items for an existing plant to entire factories surface. The design, supply and installation service can be provided as a one-stop-shop for our clients as safe, reliable, and cost effective solution.

Combining our years of experience in the Ethiopian sugar industry with the expertise of our partners in project management from conceptual design to commissioning, we offer our clients end-to-end solutions that meet their needs.

Performance EnhancementServices- For existing factories, we offer services supporting ongoing performance monitoring and improvement as well as high level support in all aspects of factory operations by bringing world-class experts.

Factory Audit Services – We bring industry leading expertise, experience and resources in plant and operations auditing. The audits include -  total sugar manufacture from cane transport to refining; factory operations improvement;maintenance programs to reduce cost and down time; automation solutions to streamline factory operations and reduce costs; process design; control system design; GPS monitored cane transport delivery systems; and ethanol production.

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  • Consultancy Services
  • Training Services

    Most of the products New Harmony offers to our clients could be new solutions introduced to client employees. As a result, we bring the experts from our principal partners to give technical training on the machines and equipment to the client organization’s staff. These are short term, hands-on skill and knowledge transfer training sessions. The training sessions are specialized to and focused on the specific product being introduced to the organization. Once the product is successfully introduced to the organization, the training may not be needed since the knowledge is transferred to the employees.

    Based on your needs, we can also facilitate customized, cost-effective training solutions that can be delivered to:

    • Enhance overall employee skills
    • Allow employee specialize in a specific skill
    • Increase productivity
    • Acquire efficiency
    • Increase product quality
    • Learn how to streamline factory operations and
       reduce production costs
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