Flexiflume with Accessories

New Harmony partnered with Bartlett, an Australian company that is known globally for producing a range of lay flat fluming and hose designed for water transfer and introduced the products in the Ethiopian cane irrigation sector where they have been hugely popular and successfully utilized. These exclusive products known as Flexi flume™ were developed as an alternative to traditional flood irrigation methods and to satisfy a market demand for a product that is more durable and able to carry higher volumes of water at higher pressures than unsupported fluming.

Made out of special material NF Traffic fabric designed to be lightweight yet highly durable, Flexi flume™ is the original woven lay flat fuming providing a fully portable water transfer system.

New Harmony and Bartlett researched the product before introducing it to the market and found out it is highly suitable for the Ethiopian terrain, hence its popularity. The product is tested and is highly successful in the Ethiopian sugar industry; however, these versatile, adaptable and portable water irrigation systems are ideal for all irrigation applications and water transfer. Flexi flume™ variable flow outlets can be regulated to control flow rates to suit any crop and every soil type. Please contact us for additional information on this cost effective product.

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