Message from the Executive

After decades of stagnation, the Ethiopian economy has been in rapid expansion in all areas in the past few years.  The economic upswing spans almost all sectors. After successive projects conducted to enhance infrastructure such as roads, electricity, and telecommunication, the country is now embarking on the next phase - rapid industrialization. Agro industry, textile manufacturing, construction, and pharmaceuticals are some of the areas that are aspiring to meet the surging local consumer demand and reaching the global market.

The agricultural industry and sugar industry are two areas of the economy the country is paying special attention targeted for growth. Increasing the portion of large-scale farming and the number of sugar factories and scaling up production is way underway.

New Harmony was established in 1995 with a mission to play its part in contributing to the sugar industry’s need for improvement through the introduction of new ideas and technology. My background as a chemist specialized as a sugar technologist with 30 years of experience in the sugar sector gave me an unparalleled insight into the strength and weakness of the industry in Ethiopia. When the opportunity arose, we assembled the best and brightest team of professionals in the sector and founded New Harmony. We then worked hard to partner with renowned international companies who’s innovative, cutting edge products and services continue to change the way the sugar industry is operating globally from cane irrigation to sugar production. New Harmony rapidly grew a reputation for delivering innovative and technologically advanced solutions that meet the sugar industry’s needs. 



Our mission is to help our clients in the Ethiopian agriculture, sugar, and food industries achieve optimal success by delivering the most innovative, technologically advanced diverse products and services leveraging our own and our partners’ experiences and expertise.

Corporate Principles& Ethics

New Harmony’s corporate business principles and ethics are founded on our belief that we should lead by example and set high standards. Transparency, accountability, and conducting our business in highly ethical, environmental and socially responsible manner are our guiding principles.

New Harmony is committed to the following business principles and ethics:

  • Integrity - We recognize that our continued success depends upon a commitment to conduct business with honesty, integrity and responsibility. The commitment to conduct our business with our partners and our clients with integrity and honesty is ingrained in all our employees’ activities.
  • Playing by the rules- Us run our business responsibly and in compliance with the Ethiopian federal and local as well as international laws, rules, and regulations. We neither condone nor tolerate any unethical, immoral, illegal behavior both within and outside of the company. We honor all copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets of other organizations and individuals.



We intend to be the leading innovative product and service delivery company in the Ethiopian agriculture, sugar and food industries.

Agriculture - Irrigation Material Supplies

Garnering the lion’s share of the economy, agriculture is one of the most important sectors in Ethiopia. After many years of slow growth, it has picked up momentum in the past few years. Large scale mechanized farms and specialized farms such as flower farms and fruit farms are sprouting in every corners of the country.  As the agroindustry grows, so does irrigation farming.

Keenly aware of the need for expertise and advanced technology needed to meet the demands of the agriculture and water industry, New Harmony partnered with a company whose dedication to innovation is backed by its investment in research and development and the need to find solutions to meet the demands of our customers, exceed their expectations and provide us with a true competitive edge.

The water management products involve storage and conservation of water, transfer and transportation of water and highly flexible irrigation systems. The Water Products we offer are designed to optimize use of the most precious resource in agricultural, industrial and specialized domestic applications.

The water services portfolio of products is continually developing to ensure our clients receive quality, durable and practical products to suit their individual needs. There are no limits, we are confident that our continued growth is assured through our partner’s process and equipment development and our commitment to the highest standards of quality and service.

Core Values

  • Honesty and professional integrity
  • Accountability and responsiveness
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment to a sustainable environment
  • Dependability and loyalty
  • Respect for our customers, partners, and staff
  • commitment to innovation
  • Transparency

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